Restitution of the property which was released on loan

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         Our lawyers secured the return of the tank for liquid consignment from the Ukrainian lessee to the Belgian company. The process of the tank’s restitution was complicated by the fact that it was attached to the criminal file as the material evidence.

Maxima Law Office initiated the ship’s arrest in Greece

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We initiated through our partners – the Greek law firm the arrest of the vessel in the port of Thessaloniki (Greece) in the security of our client’s maritime claim. After the negotiations  the ship owner provided the Greek court with the bank guarantee to secure the claim before the court brings its decision on the merits of the matter. The case is considered on its merits in the Ukrainian courts.

Our lawyers successfully completed the case on the return of tanks owned by a British company and on the recovery of the rent arrears

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       Our client, the British company, which leased 11 tanks for transportation of chemical products by road to the Ukrainian company, asked Maxima Law Office to assist them in the recovery of rent arrears. The statement of claim was filed on behalf of the British lessor the Commercial Court and the latter brought the decision about the debt collection and the termination of the tanks lease agreement. In the result of the effective negotiations with the debtor on the enforcement of the court decision, which were handled by our lawyers, the outstanding balance was repaid in full and the tanks were returned to their owner.

Maxima Law Office defended the interests of the client in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

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Our lawyers represented the interests of the ship-repair company in the International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC) at the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine in the case of  the vessel’s repair cost recovery  from the ship owner. The court awarded the decision in favor of our client and it was executed against the cash  which was arrested by our partners - the U.S. law firm on the correspondent account in a bank in New York.

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