Legal assistance to seafarers and their families

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We are a team of specialists in the field of international legal relations. Our maritime lawyers have extensive experience in  Maritime Law. The significant experience of our people, which is over 20 years, allows our law office to achieve maximum results for our clients.

Services of our law office:

 - recovery of compensation for injury or illness of a seafarer;

 - recovery of compensation for the death or loss of a seafarer;

 - recovery of seamen’s wages;

The main task and motto of our team is searching the ideal solutions and rendering services within the shortest terms with a view to secure our client’s interests, as well as permanent aid and support in efficient conducting of marine activity in Ukraine and abroad. Recipe of success of our activity is success and prosperity of our clients.

We have a network of correspondent law firms all over the world, what allows us to help clients in their disputes with foreign companies.