No one ever expects that suddenly their whole life can turn upside down and that they will have to deal with litigation at all.

The profession of a sailor is not only profitable, but also extremely dangerous.

Recently my father passed away and it was a shock for the whole family. The shipowner and his representatives apparently decided to play on ignorance and remained silent on any occasion. They did not want to send any documents or personal belongings. They just turned away from us.

And fortunately, by coincidence, on the Internet came across the website of the LAW OFFICE "MAXIMA" and decided to seek an advice from them.

Maxim Kocherzhenko’s assistant Olesya listened attentively and promptly advised on all issues for what I express special gratitude. After the conclusion of the contract, things immediately began to shift. Personal belongings were found and the shipowner made contact.

Maxim Kocherzhenko is undoubtedly one of the best specialists and a master of his craft.

I do not want anyone to find themselves in circumstances that force them to look for such specialists but if you are in such a situation then you will not find a better more decent and more reliable person. I express my sincere gratitude for helping us in such a difficult hour for us, for an individual and reverent approach to business.

This is a team of action and results. Thank you for your help!

Maxim, February 2020, 04/08/2022


I would like to write this review for people who cannot make the right decision due to the lack of experience in dealing with lawyers. In our country unfortunately we are afraid to trust strangers, I am very glad that this team was involved in my case! And this is true!

The gratitude that I feel to Maxim Kocherzhenko and to his entire team I have repeatedly expressed personally. They are not only wonderful people but also amazing specialists!!!

From the moment I met with Maxim in person I made the final decision that this person would conduct my case! And it was very difficult to make this decision because there are a lot of lawyers and everyone promised to get paid but NOBODY promised that the payment would be many times more than specified in the contract, and it would be very difficult to do this without qualified lawyers! We won the disability compensation case and the amount of the payment was much more than I could have imagined. We started working together at the very beginning of this journey, we met when I was in the hospital. At that time I did not have at all the amount that was needed for the operation, thanks to my lawyers all expenses were covered in a short time.

I even received the financial support of a lawyer at a time when the company slowed down this process, I received all the financial support that I needed. I just trusted my lawyer, and he did all the work for me and for that I thank him very much!

Don't be afraid to get what is rightfully yours! Until you take care of yourself your employer will not take care of you! And THESE professionals will help you get justice))

Vladislav, January 2020, 04/08/2021


I was lucky to meet an excellent specialist in his field Maxim Kocherzhenko. Due to an accident my son lost his father, the insurance company wanted to pay us the amount exclusively indicated in the sailor's employment contracts, after the death of his father the child receives a fixed rate!

Thanks to literacy and the right approach to this issue, the lawyer managed to achieve an amount many times more than expected! Thank you very much, thanks to you, my son now has his own apartment.

Svetlana, 02/15/2020


In 2017, I had an incident on a ship, as a result of which I received a compound fracture of my leg and joint. Already at the first stage of treatment the shipowner refused to pay sick leave and there was no talk of compensation for disability.

After contacting Maxim Kocherzhenko the situation changed dramatically, they began to pay me sick leave, covered the medical expenses for rehabilitation (treatment in a sanatorium) and paid for an additional operation. Paid disability compensation.

A very important point during my treatment was that Maxim Kocherzhenko and his team completely took over all the bureaucratic aspects of my treatment (negotiating with the shipowner, insurance, payment of medical expenses, etc.), which allowed me to focus on treatment as much as possible.

My family and I are very grateful to MAXIMA LAW OFFICE for the work done. I recommend Maxim Kocherzhenko as a professional in his field and just an honest and decent person.

BRGDS Pavel, 10.10.2019