We provide the following services:

Maritime Law:

  • ship arrest;
  • ship's release from the arrest;
  • conducting of the oil spill matters;
  • legal assistance in the cases on exercising of the cargo lien as the security of the freight, demurrage and other payments;
  • handling of the cases on the shortage, damage and loss of cargo, non-payment of freight, demurrage, and also in the lawsuits arising out of a tort (collisions of ships, collisions of ships with port’s constructions);
  • legal assistance in the disputes arising out of the ship repair contracts;
  • handling personal injury cases.

Legal assistance to seafarers and their families

  • recovery of compensations in connection with injuries and illnesses;
  • recovery of compensations in connection with the death of a seafarer;
  • recovery of compensations in connection with missing persons;
  • recovery of wages from the shipowner;

More details on the page: Compensations to Seafarers

Commercial Law:

  • representation of the client’s interests in the disputes on the goods delivery;
  • collection of debts under the contract of rendering the services, credit contracts, contract of work and labour;
  • pledge execution;
  • legal assistance in the disputes arising out of carriage of goods by the air, railway and motor transport.


Attorneys of the firm handle a wide range of contentious matters on behalf of clients, either national or foreign. They initiate proceedings and defend clients in actions for breach of contract and in tort, arising either in Ukraine or abroad and brought before either national or international forum. A pragmatic and economical approach to dispute resolution is used, always subject to an aggressive representation of the client's interests. Arbitration and litigation can take place not only in Odessa but elsewhere in Ukraine, using local legal correspondents where necessary.